Black Tie Digital and B4Biz – We’re Here For Good

To our dear B4Biz community,

Just a quick note this time. We know there’s been a bit of confusion over the past few weeks around who’s doing what, where everyone belongs, and most importantly – where are we going next?

For the answers to the first two questions, we’d encourage you to look back at the blog posts we’ve released over the last week, including ‘A New Year, A New Platform – Welcome to B4Biz!’ and ‘The Future of ZIPC’, as well as ‘Did You Say ‘Free Crypto’?! It’s B4B Airdrop Time!’ and ‘A Closer Look at Black Tie Digital’. In short:

  • Black Tie Digital is continuing to honour our promises to deliver a safe, transactional platform for interacting with digital currencies;
  • We have created B4B, and credited all our holders who contributed through the official channels to the development of the platform;
  • The Zipett team have created Z4LIFE, which focuses on health and wealth;
  • As per our understanding, they will either be bringing ZIPC to market, or crediting all their members with a rollover to their new token;
  • Black Tie Digital is offering all ZIPC holders, regardless of origin, the chance to participate in an exclusive B4B airdrop;
  • And we have some exciting new projects in the pipeline already


2022 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year – and don’t we deserve it after the last 48 months? So here’s to the future, and here’s to you!

There is one point that we want to really drive home. B4Biz is not going anywhere. We are as committed to the development and deployment of the B4Biz platform as we have been since day one. In fact, you can expect to see some exciting new features, integrations and networks roll out over the coming weeks, meaning the platform you’ve come to know and love is simply going to keep on getting better.

Your B4B does (and will do) everything that ZIPC was intended for, and more – and because we’ve restricted the supply from one billion tokens down to just 100 million, those of you who are holding B4B are in an even better spot than they were before.

And yes – there will be integrations and uses for B4B in the B4Real and B4Power platforms… which is just another reason to celebrate!

Thanks for coming on this journey with us. We can’t wait to show you what comes next.

The team at Black Tie Digital

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