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Well, B4BIZ community, another month gone means another month closer to the listing! We're delighted to be able to bring you more news and updates from the world of B4BIZ, including an exclusive offer just for our supporters, a raft of exciting new partnerships, more news on the upcoming B4BIZ Academy and lastly - a very special competition! Let's dive right in...

Update on vesting opportunity

Now the announcement so many of you have been waiting for! How would you like the opportunity to support the B4BIZ platform as we move to the open market, and be rewarded for your commitment? Introducing... ZIPC Vesting!The concept is simple. Remember fixed-term deposits? You'd leave your money locked up in a bank account for a set period of time, and in exchange, the bank would reward you with a set interest rate. The only problem? The banks just aren't that friendly these days - in fact, the average fixed-term deposit interest rate is just 0.3%! Not exactly what you'd 'term' a great return (sorry - we couldn't help ourselves)!Fortunately, this isn't the world of legacy banking and traditional finance (or trad-fi, as it's now known in crypto circles). This is the exciting world of cryptocurrencies - and we have an offer that's going to blow those rates out of the water!We are proud to be able to offer all our members a yield of 6% on a 12-month deposit (or stake, as it's known in the industry)! That's an incredible 20 TIMES the average from the big banks! Simply stake your coins by sending them to a particular wallet (or contract address), locking them up for 12 months, and when they're returned, you'll be sitting on an extra 6%! No need to predict market movements or pay attention to rates and trends - just a solid 6% gain! How good is that?The reason is also simple. We know our B4BIZ community is built on trust, and we have faith that our members are as committed to the long-term success of the project as we are. However, the market is a fickle beast. By choosing to vest your tokens with us, we can actively show that our members are in it for the long haul, providing certainty and in turn attracting even more members to the platform. And since you're going to be helping build the overall success of the platform, we think you should be rewarded for it!IMPORTANT NOTE - this offer is open to all B4BIZ members. However, should you be one of our Founder's Club members who have supported us since the beginning (meaning you acquired your ZIPC before April 2021), we have an exclusive offer just for you. Watch your emails - you'll be getting a very important one, very soon!We'll be sending out information on how to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity shortly. Stay tuned - check our socials, and more importantly keep an eye on your email inbox - and we'll be in touch soon!

Update on BreakOut Solutions
B4BIZ keeps moving forward with yet another fantastic partnership announcement! We are delighted to present Breakout Solutions, one of Australia's premier cryptocurrency educators and digital wealth strategists! With a background of significant successes in the IT, digital currency and wealth generation sectors, Breakout Solutions are a natural fit for the B4BIZ platform. You can learn more about what they do and how they do it at https://www.breakoutsolutions.com/In honour of this exciting partnership opportunity, Breakout Solutions have kindly offered a very generous opportunity for our valued members! For those of you looking to upskill, cross-skill or simply learn more about the ever-evolving digital currency landscape, Breakout Solutions have created an exclusive, free course for B4BIZ members - Decrypting Your Crypto! This is an amazing offer and an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge base when it comes to this brave new world of digital currencies.In addition, they are also offering a one-off 20% off their courses for B4BIZ members! Simply mention that you have a B4BIZ account, pay with AUDZ and enjoy a discounted high-calibre learning experience that will stand you in good stead for years to come! With X courses to choose from, representing over X hours of growth potential, you're sure to find a way to enrich yourself with Breakout Solutions!But wait - there's more!


Update on Crypto Tax Specialists
We know that crypto and tax are like chalk and cheese - one is the stuff of dreams and the other leaves a funny taste in your mouth. However, the ramifications of holding crypto are unavoidable - as they say, the tax man cometh. So, to make July a much easier experience for all our members, we are very excited to announce a new B4BIZ partnership with Fullstack Advisory - possibly the most knowledgeable crypto-tax specialists in the country!As one of the first Australian tax accounting firms to offer tax preparation, accounting, and returns for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, Fullstack Advisory has a highly experienced crypto accounting practice in Australia, with returns are prepared by qualified accountants whom are keen crypto enthusiasts as well. Their clients include miners, day traders, casual investors, crypto UHNWs, blockchain businesses, businesses accepting crypto as a payment method, and even other accounting firms. You can read more at https://www.fullstack.com.au/It is our pleasure to announce that our partnership allows us to offer B4BIZ members an exclusive 10% off tax return and advice costs through Fullstack! When you can combine monetary savings and professional advice with the ease and convenience of having your tax returns completed by the best in the industry, we think that's a win.Plus, we will be rolling out complimentary sessions - both webinar and live - to educate members on the basics of crypto tax obligations and how to make sure you're fully covered from start to finish! These sessions will be run by Fullstack Advisory in conjunction with B4BIZ and jam-packed with some incredibly valuable tips and tricks on how to manage your tax obligations. So stay tuned - check the socials and your emails, and we'll see you there!


Update on B4BIZ Academy

Lastly, we are excited to announce that the B4BIZ Academy is officially under construction! In an alpha development stage currently, the Academy is designed to be an end-to-end learning portal on all things B4BIZ - how it works, how you can use it to maximise your results and all the finer details that may have otherwise slipped under your radar.With multiple learning streams for general members, business owners, referrers and more, as well as a selection of short courses to supplement all of your needs, you're bound to discover something new every time you log in!We will be sending out invitations to select members of the community over the next month or two, to help us test and refine the platform, so keep an eye on your emails! For those of you who don't receive an email - fret not, you haven't been forgotten! Access to all of our courses will be offered to our members as soon as development is complete. Once again, make sure you keep an eye on our social media channels for updates - links at the bottom. And remember - if there's something that hasn't been covered in our Academy, it's sure to be part of the exclusive offerings from our valued partners, Breakout Solutions.


B4BIZ Group Growth Competition

Ladies and gentlemen, it is the season for giving, and in the spirit of the season, we're having a giveaway! Just follow the steps below and jump straight into the running for up to 1,000 ZIPC and a $100 gift card of your choice - how's that for a holiday present!1st place: 1,000 ZIPC and a $100 gift card for Christmas shopping2nd place: 250 ZIPC and a $50 gift card3rd place: 100 ZIPC and a $50 gift cardAnd in celebration of a fantastic year of growth - and in the spirit of the holidays - all members who complete the above steps will receive $20 AUDZ!

Rules:1. Share your invite code with 5 friends and make sure they register and download the B4BIZ App.2. Add them into this Facebook group3. Tag them in this post4. May the odds be forever in your favour

Competition ends:
07/01/22 @ 10am

Competition drawn:07/01/22 @ 2pm

So what are you waiting for? As always, our socials are down the bottom – so jump on board, make sure you’re following us, share the good word and we’ll see you again in the new year!

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