Black Tie Digital announces B4Finance at the Australian Crypto Convention

Today marks a very special day, for us as a company and for the Australian crypto/web3 community as a whole!

Firstly, we are delighted to be sponsoring and attending the Australian Crypto Convention on the Gold Coast. Hats off to Dave, Adam, Matt and the whole team for organising what promises to be the single greatest gathering of crypto enthusiasts in Australian history - it's an honour be in such illustrious company. With over 80 exhibitors, 140 speakers and 3,000 estimated attendees, this is shaping up to be a weekend to remember.

One thing which has really stood out to me from my experiences working, talking and connecting within this scene has been the amazingly supportive and collaborative nature of the community, and this promises to be no different - even with so many different interest points covered (crypto, DeFi, NFTs, blockchain/DLT, Web3, metaverse, GameFi... need we go on?), we've all come together to be a part of something greater - and to be part of a movement looking to make a change for the better.

As one of the Platinum sponsors this year, we're presenting on the topic of Blockchain, Real Estate and Crypto at 12:30 today (Saturday) - it's promising to be a great talk. Unfortunately COVID reared its ugly head at the worst possible time, resulting in several of our intended panelists unavoidably pulling out at the last minute - so what was going to be a panel of speakers will now be a little more multimedia-heavy, and presented by our very own Todd Pierce. We'll still be covering a lot of the exciting projects and platforms helping to further the growth of the space, both at home and globally.

One absolutely massive development that we're incredibly excited to share, however, is the launch of B4Finance! With the B4RE crowdsale contract and our Credit Staking contract only a few days from the finalised security audit being released, we've been fortunate enough to be able to bring forward our release schedule for B4Finance, our flagship crypto-centric lending platform - and boy, do we have a killer product lineup to go with it...

We'll be putting out another blog post in the next couple of days around our business and personal lending products (with industry-leading rates, LTV ratios and terms), as well as our incredibly powerful home loan/property lending products - which is a legitimate game changer. For now, you can check them out yourself at - let us know what you think in the comments!

Now, off to the Australian Crypto Convention for us - we'll be in touch soon!

All the best,

Jarrad and the team at Black Tie Digital

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