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Welcome to the first issue of B4BIZ News! This is your number one spot for updates on B4biz, ZIPC, Z4REAL and everything that’s happening in the Australian crypto industry. In this issue, we have updates on the listing and sale process, news about the new app designs and incoming features, and a quick message around KYC requirements.

Fast Facts:

- It’s official –B4BIZ is now all over the internet! With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Telegram channels, you can now get your B4biz information direct from the source! Make sure to follow all the social media channels that suit your preferences, and remember – if you didn’t hear it from an official source, it’s not official news!

- More than just tweets – the B4BIZ Blog is also live! Make sure you head over to www.blog.zipett.com for all the latest articles, industry news, handy explainers and more.

- New White Paper is out! After careful consulting with industry experts across the globe, including blockchain and tokenomics specialists at FinDaS (www.findas.org) and dLTX (www.dltx.io), we are proud to present the new and improved B4BIZ White Paper. Featuring an updated timeline, new tokenomic and economic modeling and a comprehensive overview of the use cases and value drivers for ZIPC, our first utility token.

BCOs – The Future Of Coin Sales!
Big Coin Opportunity? Bright Crypto Outlook? Or something even more exciting?

The crypto industry can be a bit confusing to newcomers (that’s why we suggest reading the B4BIZ Blog regularly, especially the articles on jargon and crypto-speak!). In this section, we’re going to break down exactly how a coin like ZIPC gets sold in 2021, and what’s going to happen to the ZIPC that’s leftover!

The stage we’re in right now is what’s called the Pre-Sale. In this stage, we have our bundles available for purchase at a flat rate of $2 per ZIPC (but remember, the bigger your bundle, the more free bonus ZIPC you receive!). Of the one billion total ZIPC in existence, we have allocated 200 million to this sale. This Pre-Sale will be ending on 28th February 2022. So, if you know anyone who’s interested in getting involved with the most exciting revolution in crypto for a long time, make sure they get in touch quick!

After this, we will be running what’s known as a Bonding Curve Offering, or BCO. Usually, when a cryptocurrency has coins left over at the end of their pre-sale, they will ‘burn’ them – or send them to a wallet from which they can never be recovered. This takes them out of circulation – or in other words, decreases the supply – and as the laws of economics show, if you decrease supply, but maintain demand, then the price will increase (or at least hold steady - that’s a general idea, anyway!) It also shows the community that the company or controlling party has removed access to the tokens, so they can’t be dumped on the market at a later date.

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We’ve gone with a slightly more advanced method than this. At the end of the Pre-Sale period, whatever is left of the 200M tokens we have allocated for sale is going to be locked up in a smart contract. This is a wallet address that has code behind it, which dictates how and when the coins can be released. Remember how we said that ZIPC is being sold for a flat rate of $2/coin (plus bonuses) in the Pre-Sale? Once the remainder is locked into the Bonding Curve smart contract, the only way to release it will be to buy it – and the price will be starting at $2, and gradually increasing to $10 as more ZIPC is bought.
As we’ll be listing on exchanges at the end of March at $2 (more on that below), it makes sense that the tokens will remain locked if the price stays stable or drops – why buy from the Bonding Curve when you can get them cheaper on an exchange? But if the price increases… well, then you’d be crazy to buy from the exchange when you can get them cheaper on the Bonding Curve, right?
So what the heck does this all mean? Well, at the start, it has the same result as burning the tokens – if they’re locked up in the smart contract, they can’t be dumped. As B4BIZ continues to grow and expand, we can unlock more ZIPC for sale, thus bringing in more revenue for further development and marketing – but only if we’ve grown the business and the value of the coins has increased. It gives us the best of both worlds – a tight supply in the initial stages, with room to grow and an extra revenue stream in the future. And it goes to show, without a shadow of a doubt, that we’re here for the long haul.
Lastly, of course, it means that there’s no time like the present to get your hands on some ZIPC! With all the fantastic features it will unlock (see the updated White Paper), now’s the perfect time to get on board!
Hello… Is There Anybody Listing?
It’s always nice to feel wanted… and it turns out ZIPC is in high demand!
If there’s one question that the team at B4BIZ are asked regularly, it’s this – when are you going to list? For the uninitiated, the listing is the process by which a coin or token is… well… listed on digital currency exchange or DCE. This is kind of like a stock exchange like the ASX or NYSE, except for crypto. The process of getting listed is a little different, however.
We are proud to announce the official roadmap to listing for B4BIZ is now live, and we can say with complete confidence that we will be listed on at least two exchanges by the end of March 2022!
First and foremost, after careful consideration, we have chosen to list on a DEX, or Decentralized Exchange. This is going to allow our users to stake their ZIPC and receive rewards by providing liquidity to the trading pair liquidity pools – and yes, we know exactly how confusing that sentence is! Fortunately, we’ll be bringing out a blog article shortly explaining just how DEXs, liquidity pools and staking works – so stay tuned. For now, just know that we will be creating trading pairs on Uniswap at the end of Q1 2022.

We are also in talks with two Australian centralized exchanges around listing on their platforms. While we can’t state exactly who they are at this point, those of you who know the industry will likely be able to figure it out if we mention that we won’t be paying fees back to CZ … not at this stage, anyway! Our intended listing date is the end of March next year, which allows us time to finish the Pre-Sale and lock up the remaining tokens in the BCO smart contract address.

We have a strong preference for using a local, Australian exchange, but we have also been introduced to several overseas exchanges who are interested in listing ZIPC. We will be assessing this situation as we go, but depending on our exposure profile and liquidity at the time, we will also be assessing some of the more reputable European or Asian exchanges.

One important thing to note – these dates are not changing! Not only do our current agreements stipulate listing by the end of Q1 2022, we also have reached the point in the development and growth cycle at which we are in total control of our exchange positioning. So come hell or high water, expect to see ZIPC on both a CEX and a DEX by the end of March 2022


Beautiful Apps – More Than Skin Deep?
Louis Vuitton, Armani, and now B4BIZ – turns out everyone can have a high class wallet!

Just a quick update to point out something that you all probably know already – the new app skins are here! Beautifully designed, the new app screens feature the same robust functionality you’ve come to love, coupled with a magnificent aesthetic which appeals to both traditional users and the techno-elite.

mobile copyHowever, we thought we’d keep you up to date on the future developments you can expect to see rolling out shortly:

  • Redevelopment of the Marketplace and Directory screens for increased appeal and usability!
  • Chat feature – talk directly to buyers and sellers from within the app!
  • Multiple wallets within the same account – track your business, super and personal accounts separately!
  • Tax tracking – we are in talks to incorporate third-party tax tracking ability, making tax time easier than ever!
  • Direct crypto purchasing – our upcoming partnerships with an Australian Digital Currency Exchange will let our users buy and sell crypto from inside the Z-Wallet!
  • Trade Exchange Transactional Bridges – currently under development, this global first will allow our users to transact with the tens of thousands of businesses currently using BBX and Universal Currency to transact – and vice versa!
  • And much, much more!

As always, we’d love to hear what you think – what you love about the app, what you’re not such a fan of, and any ideas or suggestions you might have! Make sure to follow us on social media (links at the start and end of this newsletter), or shoot us a line at suggestions@b4biz.digital. Our community is what drives us – so jump on board and let us know your thoughts!

KYC and the Australian Crypto Landscape
KYC? This ain’t no Sunshine Band…

Those who’ve been following recent changes in the crypto industry would have noticed that Binance Australia, the biggest Digital Currency Exchange operating Down Under, last month announced new changes to its KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. As of October, all Binance customers must have now completed an identification check to perform any actions (buying, selling, etc) on their platform.

This is another example of B4BIZ being ahead of the curve. We instituted a KYC process for all users months ago, in line with the direction that the Australian regulatory agencies (AUSTRAC and ASIC) are heading.

As one of the world’s most regulatory-compliant crypto companies, we aim to provide our users with as safe an operating environment as possible. Part of that is ensuring that everyone taking part in B4BIZ has been vetted for safety. This means that you can trust that the person on the other end of your transaction isn’t going to disappear into the darkness with your hard-earned AUDZ or the goods you were planning to sell. It also allows us to fulfil our obligations to AUSTRAC to ensure that the B4biz platform is being used for reputable transactions only.

04 copy

As such, we will be running a campaign over the next few weeks, encouraging all our users to verify their IDs. For those of you who have already done so – thanks! You’re helping us create a safer, friendlier crypto community. For those who haven’t – what are you waiting for? There’s a $20 AUDZ sign-on bonus waiting for you to collect and spend straight away! Just open the B4BIZ app, and click Verify on the pop-up that appears – or if that doesn’t come up, jump into the side menu and click on the red ‘Verify Your Identity’ button at the top.

It’s important to note that we use the services of Veriff to check everyone’s identities. Veriff are a global company headquartered in the United Kingdom, who are trusted by businesses and governments worldwide to perform these kinds of checks. B4BIZ does not keep any customer identity information on its own servers in any way at all, in line with our Privacy Policy (which you can read here).

Make sure you complete the KYC process ASAP if you haven’t already, as we will be shutting down any ability to transact within the app in the next fortnight! Users who haven’t KYC’ed will only be able to withdraw funds – so get in quick and claim your $20 AUDZ now!

Final Thoughts

It’s been a long and exciting road getting to this point – and the adventure has only just begun. On behalf of the entire B4BIZ team, we want to thank everyone who’s been behind us over this exciting time.

We’re committed to creating the world’s safest and most usable crypto platform – and we haven’t even touched on some of the incredibly exciting developments and partnerships we’ve been working on in the background, such as Z4REAL. Regardless, you can expect to hear from us regularly from now on – it’s been a mammoth task getting to this point, but we’re still ready for more!

Make sure to follow us on our official social media channels below, and remember that those channels, plus app notifications and official B4BIZ emails, are the only source of official B4biz news and announcements. We’re looking forward to the next few exciting months – here’s to B4biz, and as a key part of our community, here’s to you! Remember – it’s your crypto, your way!


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