A Closer Look at Black Tie Digital

“What do you think the future of crypto is?”

It’s a fair question, and one that we’re constantly asked here at Black Tie Digital. (It’s also a question we like asking others – so feel free to drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think!)

It’s important to separate out cryptocurrencies from blockchain technology. While they’re intimately related, they’re not always the same thing. Cryptocurrencies are digital assets, with ownership recorded on the blockchain. Although they are sometimes used to power networks and pay for services (such as ETH being used to validate transactions on the Ethereum network), they can often be linked to nothing at all – simple speculative assets, with the value determined by buyer and seller demand.

Distributed ledger technology, however – of which blockchain is simply the most well-known type – has a much wider range of purposes. From tracking supply chains, to paying royalties to artists and creating fraud-proof identification platforms, blockchain has the potential to play an incredibly powerful and diverse role in the shaping of the systems of the 21st century.

At Black Tie Digital, we are committed to seeing the effective implementation of DLT services. Far from simply creating digital tokens and encouraging investors to risk it all for the sake of unimaginable potential wealth, we are investigating the markets and opportunities presented by DLT and looking to create a sustainable, thriving ecosystem in which our members can safely interact with the new economy.

To this end, we have partnered with major industry players (and are in talks with many more) to create the first three pillars of our digital ecosystem. We envision a comprehensive platform in which members can pick and choose the options which appeal most to them, and then engage in a variety of ways.

The first platform is B4Biz. This is the main touchpoint for most of our members, as it is the B4Biz app which will allow them to store digital currencies in their wallets, trade with businesses and each other, convert their real world assets into digital assets and more. By creating a solution which is safe, convenient and easy to use, we plan to offer both first-time entrants and seasoned players in the crypto space a solution which fits all their needs and more.

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Second, we have B4Real. With our seed round starting before March 2022, B4Real will be the second pillar of our ecosystem, in which real estate – yes, real world land and property! – can be bought and sold using digital assets. We’ve brought in some major partners from across the sector, working in lending, development, sales and more, to make sure that things go as smoothly as you expect – and we’re proud to say that at this stage, this will be the only platform of its type… globally! Of course, to interact with the platform, things will go much more smoothly if you’re already using the B4Biz wallet. See where all this is going…?

And last – for this year at least – we have the B4Power platform. Since we’re still in partnership talks we can’t release too many details at the moment. But how would you like to be able to receive all the benefits of rooftop solar – even if you live in an apartment? Or let’s say one of the kids was coming back home for three months, and you knew you were going to need a bit more solar power – they never turn the lights off, do they? How good would it be to be able to temporarily increase the number of panels you have working to power your house – and then sell them once you no longer need them? All this and more can be done with blockchain, and a little bit of forward-thinking.

It doesn’t stop here, though. As part of the PIM Group, we have access to over 30 years of commercial networks around the globe – meaning trusted relationships with wholesalers, service providers, institutions and more. We’re actively investigating opportunities around the world in the commerce, finance, and government sectors, look at a variety of use cases including logistics, accounting and countertrade. Underlying it all, however, is our core ethos – to apply distributed ledger technology in ways which are sensible, meaningful, and sustainable, while continuing to grow and enhance our core ecosystem for our members.

So watch this space – because we’re going to have more exciting news very shortly. And in the meantime, if you want to be part of a change for good and help us shape the future by applying DLT-based solutions to your business or industry, contact us on admin@blacktie.digital – and let’s make a change together.

The team at Black Tie Digital

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