Did You Say ‘Free Crypto’?! It’s B4B Airdrop Time! (NOW CLOSED)

PLEASE NOTE: the B4B airdrop for ZIPC holders is now closed! Congratulations to everyone who successfully applied for free B4B tokens - they'll be distributed very soon! (updated 6/4/22)

We know you've been waiting a while, so here it is - the ZIPC-B4B airdrop!

While we understand that the team at Z4LIFE are busy preparing their new platform and crediting their investors with their new tokens, we want to extend an offer to all ZIPC holders - no matter how long you've been holding on!

If you were holding ZIPC last week, you're in luck - we are offering all ZIPC holders a completely free airdrop of up to 1,000 B4B tokens, completely free - it's our way of saying, 'welcome to the club'!


This airdrop will be credited at 1:1 to your ZIPC holdings, to a maximum of 1,000 B4B. We took a snapshot of the state of ZIPC distribution on the 10th of February 2022, so only wallets holding tokens at that time are eligible.

Please note as well that your free B4B tokens will be held in a vesting wallet until 180 days after we list on some major digital currency exchanges.

By engaging with this offer, you will be able to add your wallet details to the smart contract controlling the vested tokens, and claim your free tokens at the end of the vesting period.

This offer is only available for the next 28 days, until the 17th of March 2022, so don't delay - enter your wallet details at the following link and secure your spot now!


We're looking forward to having you onboard!

All the best,
The team at Black Tie Digital

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