In an Australian first, B4Real and Tribe Digital Ventures (TDV) have recently announced their partnership, which brings together the power of blockchain to real estate in the form of tokenisation fractionalised ownership offerings.  

Todd Pierce, a spokesman from B4Real said that affordability is a serious problem in the real estate market with large cohorts being squeezed out due to their economic circumstances. 

He said that the tokenised real estate offerings B4Real and Tribe Digital Ventures are bringing to the market are an Australian first and will finally give people an institutional grade  low-cost way to build a property investment portfolio, without requiring large sums of cash upfront.

CEO of B4Real, Caroline Macdonald said that both B4Real and Tribe Digital Ventures have a unique first mover advantage, not only due to their combined extensive experience and networks built over the last 30 years but also the AFSL licenses they have worked tirelessly to secure over the last two years, which highlights a compliant path.     

“Our combined extensive commercial networks and AFSL licensing places us in a very strong position when it comes to security token offerings (STOs) in Australia,” she said

Pierce said that the significant benefit of tokenisation is that it allows a more simplified entry and exit, meaning that it makes real estate assets liquid. 

“Traditionally, real estate has been considered an illiquid asset that requires large sums of cash upfront for entry,” Pierce said.  

“The product B4Real and Tribe Digital Ventures are bringing to market removes the high-cost barrier to entry and makes the asset liquid by using tokens.


“Our goal is to create a vehicle that helps the institutional and wholesale investors have access to real-life digital assets and  earn extra income and also innovate the way that developers raise funds to build their developments” 

Chris Evans, CEO of Tribe Digital Ventures said that the aim is to simplify the STO capital raising process for businesses and property portfolio owners via a debt or equity token, provide them with access to investors that they otherwise may not have access to and offer investors liquidity through our EOS500 platform and over the counter services. 

Operating under an Australian Financial Services license ensures our regulatory compliance and offering genuine security in an often-unregulated market. 

Caroline Macdonald said that B4Real brings with it retail outreach and a strong developer network which allows access to Australia's best investment opportunities. 

“Australia provides a great opportunity launching pad for both companies and with ease of expansion globally.” Mrs Macdonald said. 

Mr Evans, CEO of Tribe Digital Ventures said that the first offerings will be live in October 2022 to institutional and wholesale investors only with the retail sector opening in the later part of 2022.

We invite any interested parties to reach out and discuss how this joint venture can be of benefit, with pre-applications already open to interested parties.   

About B4REAL 

B4Real is an end-to-end solution for people wishing to buy and sell real estate with crypto. 

Our goal is to make it easy for real estate professionals to work with crypto, to unlock the power of digital currencies for a new market of property investors and home buyers, and democratise real estate investment via tokenised fractional ownership. 

About Tribe Digital Ventures 

Tribe Digital Ventures provides a platform built for companies, investors and brokers

Driven by blockchain and a need for change, security token offerings (STOs) open up a market of opportunities for investors and businesses worldwide. 

Raising capital via debt tokens with the ability to liquidate and or build a diversified property portfolio from our selected blue chip investments. 

Contacts are available for interviews and photographs. 

Photographs are also available on request. 


Media Contacts: 

Todd Pierce: 0421 570 932 or toddp@blacktie.digital 
Cameron Parker: 0488 882 079 or cameron@pwsfgroup.com.au



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