Introducing The B4Real Staking System

We are proud to announce our platform's brand new feature: The B4Real Staking System.

Before we explain what it is, how it works and why it is so exciting, let's quickly talk about how we arrived here.

In the beginning...


Buying and selling real estate with crypto made easy...


In order to appreciate the evolution of the B4real platform, we first need to turn our attention to how it all began.

In the beginning, the B4Real platform was a solution for making buying and selling real estate with crypto a simple, safe, and convenient experience.

However, as we spoke with more and more people, we discovered a much larger, widespread problem than just the transactional aspect of buying and selling real estate with crypto.

What are the real problems?


The real problems that we address with the B4Real platform are:

  1. Banks reluctant to work with crypto
  2. Real estate professionals have a knowledge gap that slows adoption
  3. Real estate prices have risen faster than wages making it hard for the average person to buy real estate

The elegant solution...


The B4Real staking system works on two levels to assist buyers in being able to afford to purchase a property through our developer partners.

The first level is earning B4RC credits ($1 AUD) that give you direct savings on a property purchase.

The second level is a Defi layer to assist in saving for a deposit.

There are four core elements that make up our world-first staking system:

  1. The credit staking (generates B4RC tokens)
  2. The secondary markets (allows B4RC tokens to be sold for AUD or other cryptos to people ready to buy a home now)
  3. The standard Defi layer (generates a simple yield)
  4. The advanced DeFi layer (reinvests yields into a property portfolio, which generates additional yields, which get reinvested into the DeFi protocol on autopilot - compounding returns)

    High level view of how the staking system works
"What we have created is a way to beat the affordability problem facing everyday Australians by utilising large commercial networks, intelligent DeFi protocols and good old hard work" - Todd Pierce, B4Real head of growth.


For a detailed run-through on how the system works, watch the video below:

Full walkthrough

Overwhelmingly positive reception...


We did the very first announcement of this staking system at a crypto conference recently and the audience went wild.

From people that were new to crypto through to seasoned veterans, every single person was blown away by this brand-new innovation.

Make sure you watch the video above to properly understand how the whole thing will works.


When will this be live?


This is explained in the video posted above, however if you've not watched it yet, here are the details:

Staking and Secondary Market - Live in roughly 4 to 6 weeks (From the start of August, 2022)

DeFi Layer - Live in roughly 6 to 12 months (From the start of August, 2022)

What to do next?

If you'd like to earn a higher return from your staking, then head over to our registration page and input your details to secure a higher APY.

Register here:

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